We created a set of presentation slides to act as an outline of the 5GMF White Paper

The 5GMF White Paper was released in May, 2016. Since the 5GMF White Paper is very long at more than 200 pages, we are also sending a set of presentation slides to provide an overview of the 5GMF White Paper. Please use the presentation slides as a guide to better understand the content of the discussions of the 5GMF, which is the intended goal of our White Paper.

The presentation slides include the following:

1. Structure of White Paper;
2. Market and User Trends of ICT;
3. Future Businesses and Services;
4. Traffic Trends;
5. Cost Implications;
6. 5G Key Concepts;
7. Typical Usage Scenarios of 5G;
8. Requirements for 5G;
9. Spectrum Implications;
10. 5G Radio Technologies;
11. Network Technologies for 5G;
12. Conclusion.