Toward the early realization of fifth generation (5G) mobile communication systems, the Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF) has been focusing on the promotion of the necessary research and development (R&D), contribution to the standardization related to 5G, cooperation and collaboration with other 5G-related organizations as well as dissemination of information in order to raise awareness of 5G related issues.

5G is expected to bring about not only simply larger capacities than ever before, but also qualitative changes from what mobile broadband has meant up until the fourth generation (4G). That is, considering “complete satisfaction in end-to-end quality” and “realization of extreme flexibility” as two primary target concepts, 5GMF is going to promote activities to realize 5G facilitating connections between “people and people”, “people and things”, and “things and things” by resorting, in particular, to the core technological concepts of “advanced heterogeneous networks” and “network softwarization”.

This means a paradigm shift from the current wireless technology-centric society to the services and applications-centric society. A most easily understandable example for end users might be so called “Internet of Things” (IoT). The society connected by 5G will be expected to develop as a circulatory system or ecosystem, wherein IoT is going to play a significant role leading to the enhancement and acceleration of the collaborations with various vertical sectors.

This forum was founded on September 30, 2014 and, since then, we have made intensive discussions on 5G within the forum, and also by collaborating with global standardization and related organizations. It is now time to move forward to prepare and start a new phase of verification trials and testing toward the early realization of 5G ecosystems including IoT based on the study made so far. The most exciting part of this action plan toward the realization of 5G ecosystems is about to begin in various parts of the world.

Furthermore, 5GMF is considering not only contributing to R&D and standardization activities for 5G in general but also contributing to solve various social issues which Japan is currently facing ahead of other countries. In this respect, participation of those who are interested in creating new applications and services that utilize the possible capabilities of 5G including IoT from diverse fields is highly encouraged. We are very much sure that exchange of ideas, views and opinions among people from diverse backgrounds will be essential in creating new globally acceptable applications and services utilizing 5G.

In short, 5GMF is going to make every effort to contribute to the early realization of 5G through various intensive activities including the upcoming verification field trials. Accordingly, your active participation, support and cooperation are highly appreciated. 5GMF is open to everyone who is willing to work together with us toward the early realization of 5G. Why don’t you join us today if you are not yet a member of 5GMF?

Prof. Emeritus Susumu Yoshida, Kyoto University
Chairman, Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum
July 4, 2016

 >Greetings from Dr. Kohei Satoh, Secretary General