Report on the IEEE 5G Summit 2016 (China)

The IEEE 5G Summit was held on October 29, 2016 in Tianjin, China.The 5GMF’s Secretary General presented as well as participated on the panel discussion there. There were 9 presentations over two sessions with about 170 participants.

Commemorative Photo of Organizers and Speakers
Commemorative Photo of Organizers and Speakers


IEEE 5G Summit 2016

Date: October 29, 2016 (Saturday) 9:00〜18:00
Location: Conference Hall, Nankai University (Tianjin, China)
Sponsor: Nankai University (Support from the IEEE Communications Society)
Participants: Presenters: 9, Participants: about 170 (Presenters from Japan: Prof. Akihiro Nakao, Tokyo University, Mr. Shigeru Iwashina, NTT DOCOMO, Dr. Seishi Hanaoka, Hitachi, Dr. Kohei Satoh, ARIB)


– Summit General Co-Chairman Professor Ke Gong, President of Nankai University, offered some opening remarks. This was followed by the keynote by fellow summit General Co-Chair Prof. Koichi Asatani, formerly a professor at Kogakuin University, titled “Network Evolution Toward 5G and Beyond,” which included some background and information about the Summit itself in addition to a discussion on the progress of 5G technology.

– Over the course of the two sessions, there were presentations on a wide range of issues include 5G services, radio and networking technology, security and terminals. These were followed by lively question and answer sessions.

– Secretary General Dr. Kohei Satoh gave a presentation on 5GMF activities towards 2020 and beyond in Japan, which included the background of the founding of the 5GMF and an overview of its activities as well as the 5GMF white paper, with a focus on new progress. During the question and answer session, he addressed the current progress of discussion on spectrum use in 5G, which is a major topic of concern.

– Finally, General Co-Chair Prof. Koichi Asatani wrapped up the event by expressing that it was important to continue these types of summits into the future.