Report on the Joint Japan-Turkey 5G Workshop (Turkey)

The MIC and the ICTA of Turkey signed a joint declaration on October 7, 2015 pledging closer cooperation on issues related to IT, including strengthening collaboration on the development of 5G through cooperation in international standards bodies as well as promoting closer ties between two nation’s private sectors. This workshop was organized by the MIC and ICTA to help in achieving the goals of the joint declaration.

Joint Japan-Turkey 5G Workshop

Date: January 10, 2017 (10 AM to 6 PM)
Location: ICTA Main Meeting Hall (Ankara, Turkey)
Participants: 250 people from relevant Turkish Ministries, IT firms, manufacturers, universities, and R&D institutions. Japanese participants included five members from the MIC Telecommunications Bureau, led by Mr. Masahiko Tomonaga, Director General of Telecommunications Bureau of MIC.


Opening Session: Dr. Oma Fathih Sayan, President of the ICTA of the Republic of Turkey, opened the workshop with some welcoming remarks and an overview of the workshop schedule. He then explained the current state of Turkey’s economy and technological research as well as the current state of cooperation between Japan and Turkey. He also mentioned that with the founding of the Turkish 5G Forum (5GTR Forum) in April 2016 he looks forward to cooperating in the establishment of 5G standards. This was followed by short greetings by Professor Dr. Davut Kavranoğlu, the Chief Adviser to the President of Turkey. Mr. Masahiko Tomonaga, Director General of Telecommunications Bureau of MIC also provided some opening remarks, including a short presentation on current activities towards 5G in Japan.

Public Sector Sessions: Mr. Ramazan Yilmaz, Market Surveillance Lab Director, gave a presentation on the status of research and policy initiatives related to 5G in Turkey. Mr. Fumitake Takahashi Deputy Director of Land Mobile Communications Division, presented on the current state of Japan’s mobile communication systems as well as recent activities towards 5G realization.

Private Sector Sessions: Mr. Serdar Bayadir, of ASELSAN Elektronic (Turkish wireless components and electronic systems manufacturer) presented the state of 4G/5G R&D in Turkey as well as its participation in standardization activities. Dr. Kohei Satoh, 5GMF Secretary General provided some background and overview of the founding of the 5GMF as well as the latest activates of the forum, focusing on the 5GMF White Paper. He also announced that in addition to studying how the 5GMF could work more closely with the 5GTR Forum, he would like to invite a representative from the 5GTR Forum to the 3d Global 5G Event in Tokyo this May.

Special Session on R&D Issues: Assistant Professor Ali Görçin Bilgem (Informatics & Information Security Research Center of TÜBİTAK) provided background and the current state of research at his institution, R&D into 5G, as well as his vision for 5G. Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, VP & Managing Director of NTT DOCOMO 5G Lab., gave a presentation on DOCOMO’s 5G deployment strategy, and the state of research into the frequencies to be used by 5G, as well as the upcoming verification trial for international and domestic firms towards the 5G realization.

Post-Workshop Photo with presenters and other participants from Japan and Turkey
Post-Workshop Photo with presenters and other participants from Japan and Turkey