Report on The Workshop on the Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Systems (5G) – 2017

Organizer: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
Co-Organizer: Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF)
Date: Wed., October 4, 2017 14:00〜17:30
Location: Makuhari Messe International Convention Center Convention Hall B
Number of Participants: about 700

Photo of the Workshop
Photo of the Workshop

The 5G mobile communication system (5G) workshop was once again a great success. The number of participants exceeded the 500 person seating capacity of the hall.

The workshop’s main topic of discussion was the 5G trial being carried out by the MIC and its aim of new market creation resulting from the future utilization of 5G. Attendees listened to presentations summarizing the current state of various trials from participating companies and organizations.

The panel discussion brought together academic researchers, representatives from firms which will utilize 5G, and international organizations, who together conducted a lively exchange of ideas and opinions on the expectations and challenges of the trial as well as the future outlook of 5G overall.

(left) Mr. Shigeki Suzuki, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, MIC (right) Prof Susumu Yoshida, Professor Emeritus , Kyoto University
(left) Mr. Shigeki Suzuki, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, MIC (right) Prof Susumu Yoshida, Professor Emeritus , Kyoto University

Opening Remarks
Mr. Shigeki Suzuki, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, MIC

Keynote Address
Prof. Susumu Yoshida, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University Chairman, 5G workshop organizing committee, Chairman, 5GMF


Summary of Presentations

Session 1: Activities towards the realization of 5G in 2020

Mr. Gaku Nakazato
Mr. Gaku Nakazato

Japan(MIC): Mr. Gaku Nakazato (Director of New-Generation Mobile Communications Office, MIC)

Title: 5G Initiatives in Japan
Summary: Overview of activities by the MIC working towards to early realization of 5G, including the background and basic concept of 5G as well as information on the 5G integrated verification trials to support the early realization of 5G, including information on the 5G integrated verification trials.


Session 2: 5G Trial Promotion Group (TPG) current state and activities towards Japan Korean cooperation

Dr. Yukihiro Okamura
Dr. Yukihiro Okamura

Japan (5GMF):Dr. Yukihiro Okamura (5GMF 5G TPG Leader/NTT DOCOMO)

Title: Activity Status of 5G Trial Promotion Group in 5GMF
Summary: A report on the activities of the 5GMF TPG and an overview of the MIC trial and collaborative activities with Korea.

Prof. H.W. LEE
Prof. H.W. LEE

Korea (5G Forum): Prof. H.W. LEE (Chair, 5G Forum Global Strategy Committee)

Title: 5G Trial & Collaboration in Korea
Summary: Overview of 5G trials and future plans in Korea, collaborations in Korea with other countries, comparing the characteristics of the ITU classification (eMBB, mMTC, uLLC) with the user-centric index (Immersive, Intelligent, Omnipresent, Autonomous, Public) used in Korea.


Session 3: Outline of the 5G Trial Project

Dr. Yukihiro Okamura
Dr. Yukihiro Okamura

NTT DOCOMO: Dr. Yukihiko Okumura

Title: Trial Overview of Group I & II in MIC 5G Field Trial Project
Summary: Introduced trials by NTT DOCOMO, NTT Communications, and others, to realize ultra-high speed communication in densely crowded areas or while moving at high speeds.

Mr. Akira Matsunaga
Mr. Akira Matsunaga

KDDI: Mr. Akira Matsunaga

Title: 5G Field Trials by MIC (GIII, GIV)
Summary: Introduced trials by KDDI, ATR, and others, to realize ultra-high speed communications with ultra-low latency in large urban centers and surrounding rural areas as well as indoors.

Dr. Hitoshi Yoshino
Dr. Hitoshi Yoshino

Softbank: Dr. Hitoshi Yoshino

Title: Activity overview of 5G Field Trial in Japan
Summary: Introduced trials by Softbank, NICT, and others, to realize multiple, simultaneous connections while indoors and to realize ultra-low latency while moving at high speeds.


Panel Discussion

Panelists included presenters from sessions one and two and those working on the 5G verification trials, as well as representatives from firms who will utilize 5G networks, who exchanged opinions and ideas on 5G, including the challenges and expectations concerning the verification trial towards the realization of 5G.

Panel Moderator, Prof. Seiichi Sampei, 5GMF Technical Committee Chairman
Panel Moderator, Prof. Seiichi Sampei, 5GMF Technical Committee Chairman

Theme: Current Trends and Future Outlook of Realizing 5G Services through the lens of the Integrated Trial
Moderator: Prof. Seiichi Sampei (5GMF Technical Committee Chairman/Osaka University)
Panelists: Mr. Hiroshi Furuya, Obayashi Corp., Prof. H.W. Lee (5G Forum, Korea), Mr. Akira Matsunaga (KDDI), Mr. Takehiro Nakamura (NTT DOCOMO), Mr. Keiichiro Shimada (Sony), Dr. Hitoshi Yoshino (Softbank).

– Mr. Furuya: ICT use in the construction industry (remote control/monitoring), expectations for the utilization of communications with 5G.
– Mr. Shimada: Progress in image technology (beyond the capabilities of the human eye, such as ISO 400,000, 4K/8K to 32K/64K, Dynamic range 120dB)

Topics Discussed in the Panel Discussion

– Differences between 5G and previous generations ( 5G will have in addition to high speeds, low latency, multiple connections, collaboration with vertical businesses, machine to machine communications)

– Current challenges and expectations of 5G’s use fields (costs, area, use of systems from exclusive to general, developments from users’ perspective)

– International cooperation (standards, vertical cooperation, international expansion, construction of a common, global infrastructure for IoT)

– Questions from the audience (opening a help desk to answer questions about 5G, latency requirements)

Members of the Panel
Members of the Panel