We are pleased to announce the release of the eighteenth monthly report (March) of Dr. Hendrik Berndt’s 5G System Activities in Europe.

The Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) requested that Dr. Berndt compile this report. Dr. Berndt resides in Germany and for over 10 years has worked at DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH as its CTO/CSO. He also has, among other distinguished positions throughout his career, overseen several EU R&D projects. Dr. Berndt is the elected Vice-chair of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The 5GMF, following its mission to provide useful information to its members, has decided to release a monthly summary of Dr. Berndt’s survey of 5G system activities in Europe.

A member’s ID and password is required to read this report. Thank you for your continued support of the 5GMF.

5G systems activities in Europe (05. March 2018)



1. European telecommunications ministers’ joint roadmap for 5G
Key words: goals at both national and European levels, harmonisation of 5G spectrum bands, 5G declaration, technical harmonization of spectrum bands 3.4-3.8 GHz and 24.25-27.5 GHz, European Electronic Communication Code

2. Radio Spectrum Policy Group “Second Opinion” just published
Key words: strategic spectrum recommendations, public consultations based upon the First Opinion, diverse range of stakeholders

3. European 5G Conference 2018
Key words: Gigabit Society, standardization activities, European position in preparation for WRC 2019, Dedicated licensed spectrum complimented by various forms of shared spectrum

4. 5G-IA / 5G PPP at the Mobile World Congress
Key words: demonstrations of 5GPPP projects: 5GCAR, 5G-MoNArch

5. European 5G Architecture 2.0
Key words: version 2.0 of the white paper concept evaluations, already established 5G mechanisms and possible extensions

6. ETSI security week
Key words: cyber security concerns

7. Upcoming 5G events, organized by 5GPPP or taking place in Europe
Key words: Towards TeraHertz Communications workshop, The WWRF 5G Huddle and Wireless World Research Forum meeting, The 2018 edition of ETSI Security Week, Workshop on Open Networks, SDN & Virtualization towards Telco-Cloud, SPEED-5G Workshop on Advanced spectrum management in 5G+ networks, SELFNET Industry Workshop – Effective Network Management in 5G, Leading the Way to 5G and Beyond – IEEE WCNC, 5G-CORAL: International Workshop on Edge and Fog Systems for 5G & Beyond, Economics and Adoption of Millimeter Wave Technology in Future Networks, One5G & 5G-Xcast Workshop on cm-wave and mm-wave, 5G-Transformer Workshop on Control and management of network slices, 5G-MoNArch WS on 5G Architecture, 5G PPP projects @IEEE BSMB’18