Report of 5G International Symposium 2018

5G International Symposium Secretariat
April 9, 2018

Hosted by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan (MIC), co-hosted by The Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF), Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), and The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC), 5G International Symposium 2018 was held. Its objective was that participants would “Come, See, and Learn” the change that will be brought to society in the future with the realization of the 5th Generation Mobile Communication System (5G), which is expected by 2020.

On the symposium, there were on-site presentations and hands-on demonstrations inside the venue due to openly publishing of the results of the MIC 5G Field Trials, which have been held from this year, and giving 5G experience. Experts and specialists from 5G related industries around the world give us presentations and participate in panel discussions. They shared their ideas and experiences on the ICT foundations of a fully realized Internet of Things that 5G will bring as well as the issues and environment needed in order accelerate its realization.

There were more than 1,100 participants in two days of event. some participants were unable to have seats at the symposium, so there was not enough room to pass in the exhibition hall. The symposium was finished successfully.

1. Date and Location

Date: March 27 and 28, 2018
Location: International Conference Hall (Plaza Heisei 3F),
Tokyo International Exchange Center, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

2. Symposium Summary

Representative Manabu Sakai, Vice Minister of the MIC, provided the opening remarks for the event. This was followed by the keynote speech, which was given by Professor Emeritus Susumu Yoshida, 5GMF Chairman (Kyoto University).

Mr. Manabu Sakai Vice Minister, MIC(left). Professor Emeritus Susumu Yoshida Chairman, 5GMF,(Kyoto University)(right)
Mr. Manabu Sakai Vice Minister, MIC(left). Professor Emeritus Susumu Yoshida Chairman, 5GMF,(Kyoto University)(right)

1) Session 1: What are the capabilities of 5G? – Achievement of 5G Field Trials –

• Moderator:
Professor Seiichi Sampei, Chairman, 5GMF Technical Committee (Osaka University)

• Presentation (Group 1)
5G Field Trials of Ultra High Speed Transmissions in Densely Populated Urban Environments – in the Use Fields of Entertainment, Smart Cities, and Medical application field –

– NTT Communications Corporation:
5G Field Trials of Ultra High Speed Transmissions in Rural Environments while Moving at High Speeds – in the Use Field of Entertainment –

• Presentation (Group 2)
Field Trials on the Uses of 5G’s Low Latency – Remote Controlled Construction Equipment, Connected Cars, and the Transmission of HD Video from Drones –

– Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR):
Field Trials on the Uses of 5G’s Ultra High Speeds in Enclosed Environments – Stadium Entertainment, Improving Safety and Security Inside Train Stations, and Using ICT for Educational Purposes at Schools –

• Presentations (Group 3)
– Softbank Corp.:
5G Ultra Low Latency Field Trials Supporting Autonomous Vehicles – in the Use Case of Truck Platooning –

– National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT):
Field Trials on the Uses of 5G’s Assistive Multiple Simultaneous Connections – in the Use Cases of Disaster Evacuation Sites and Smart Offices –

2) Special Event: Expectations for 5G

• Moderator:
Professor Hiroyuki Morikawa, Chairman, 5GMF Strategy & Planning Committee (The University of Tokyo)

• Keynote Presentation:
Mr. Masaaki Matsuhashi (Managing Executive Officer, Seven Bank, Ltd.) lectured on activities of Seven Lab and his expectations for 5G.

• Special Discussion:
Professor Morikawa moderated a panel discussion with Mr. Keiichiro Shimada (Corporate Executive, Sony Corporation), Mr. Yasuyuki Tanida (CTO, JVC Kenwood Corporation), Mr. Masanobu Fujioka (CTO, Ericsson Japan), and Mr. Tango Matsumoto (Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Ltd.). The panelists discussed their expectations for 5G, how 5G will affect businesses, and what the requirements for human resources and organizations generally will be in the age of 5G.

3) Session 2: How will 5G change our lives and work? – Social impact of 5G –

• Moderator:
Mr. Gota Iwanami, Chairman, 5GMF Service & Application Committee (Representative Director,INFOCITY, Inc.)

• Presentation
Ms. Yoshimi Ui (CEO, aba Inc.) lectured on activities and future plans of aba, Inc. and her expectations for 5G.

• Panel Discussion
Mr. Iwanami moderated a discussion between Mr. Takumi Iwasa (CEO, Cerevo Inc.), Ms. Ui (aba Inc.), and Mr. Kiyoshige Nagase (Corporate Officer, CyberAgent, Inc.). The panelists discussed the impact of smartphones over the past 10 years and how communications technology might change society over the next 10 years, including their expectations about 5G.

4) Session 3: How will 5G be realized? – Crossover Collaboration of 5G –

• Moderator:
Mr. Waichi Sekiguchi (Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei Inc.)

• Short Presentations:
Mr. Ko Ishiyama (Representative Director & President, ExaW
izards Inc.)

Mr. Naomi Tomita (President and CEO, hapi-robo st, Inc.)

Mr. Sekiguchi moderated a discussion between Mr. Ishiyama and Mr. Tomita following their presentations. They discussed their expectations for 5G, what ways would applications and businesses utilize 5G, how would 5G be implemented and regulated in Japan, and in what ways would 5G bring about changes to Japanese business, industry and education.

5) International Cooperation in the Utilization of 5G

• Moderator:
Mr. Waichi Sekiguchi (Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei, Inc.)

• Panelists:
– Dr. Pang-An Ting (Taiwan),
– Dr. Ramazan Yilmaz (Turkey)
– Dr. Khoirul Anwar (Indonesia)
– Mr. Saneh Saiwong (Thailand)
– Prof. Gérard Pogorel (France)
– Prof. Pierre-Jean Benghozi (France)
– Prof. Erik Bohlin (Sweden)
– Prof. Martin Cave (the UK)

Mr. Sekiguchi moderated this panel discussion. Members exchanged information and ideas about the activities of 5G related organizations in their respective countries, their different overall perspectives about 5G, the major issues related to 5G in their respective countries and how they are going about resolving those issues, and how 5G relates to Japan and their expectations for Japan in the realization of 5G.

The two-day symposium was concluded after closing remarks by Mr. Fusaki Matsui (Senior Managing Director, ARIB).

3. Overview of the 5G Field Trial Exhibition and Demonstration Rooms

Several 5G Field Trial exhibition booths were on display in the Media Hall just outside the conference room of the symposium. Many participants of the symposium were seen engaging in lively discussions at these booths throughout the event.

Scenes from the Exhibition and Demonstration Booths
Scenes from the Exhibition and Demonstration Booths