We are pleased to announce the release of the 25th monthly report (October) of Dr. Hendrik Berndt’s 5G System Activities in Europe.

The Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) requested that Dr. Berndt compile this report. Dr. Berndt resides in Germany and for over 10 years has worked at DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH as its CTO/CSO. He also has, among other distinguished positions throughout his career, overseen several EU R&D projects. Dr. Berndt is the elected Vice-chair of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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5G systems activities in Europe (05. October 2018)



1. Advanced 5G Validation trials across multiple vertical industries
Key words: 5G shared infrastructure among multiple verticals and applications, 5G PPP white paper on verticals, 5G PPP Phase 3

2. New European Electronic Communications Code will facilitate investments and market entry for 5G operators
Key words: framework for the deployment of 5G mobile networks, European Gigabit Society, national regulatory measures

3. European Countries News on 5G auctions
Key words: Italy, Finland, Austria, Infrastructure sharing

4. European Commission started its 5G-Observatory
Key words: updates on market developments, publicly accessible online platform

5. TIM and Fastweb launch the first 3GPP standard 5G commercial base station
Key words: commercial plan of TIM and Fastweb, 5G use cases jointly agreed by the partners

6. Estonia’s first 5G network to go live soon
Key words: Ericsson, pilot network, development of future services and new business models

7. Upcoming 5G events, organized by 5GPPP or taking place in Europe
Key words: European Commission holds Workshop on 3GPP submission towards IMT-2020, Implementing the new European Telecoms Code, delivering the Gigabit society, 5G PPP at IEEE G PPP CfP @ IEEE NFV-SDN’18, Berlin 5G week, Berlin, Germany, 9th FOKUS FUSECO Forum, 5G Advanced: The Next Evolution Step of 5G New Radio