5GMF White Paper を第1.01版に更新しました

5GMF White Paper “5G Mobile Communications Systems for 2020 and beyond”, 第1.01版(2016年7月4日)

Executive Summary (日本語) Executive_Summary_J
Executive Summary (英語) Executive_Summary_E
Summary (日本語) Summary_J
Summary (英語) Summary_E
White Paper (All pages) (英語) White Paper(All)
Cover, Index and Scope Cover, Index and Scope
Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter_1
Chapter 2 – Objectives Chapter_2
Chapter 3 – Market and User Trends of ICT Chapter_3
Chapter 4 – Traffic Trend Chapter_4
Chapter 5 – Cost Implications Chapter_5
Chapter 6 – 5G Key Concept Chapter_6
Chapter 7 – Typical Usage Scenarios of 5G Chapter_7
Chapter 8 – Requirements for 5G Chapter_8
Chapter 9 – Spectrum Implications Chapter_9
Chapter 10 – Overview of 5G Technologies Chapter_10
Chapter 11 – 5G Radio Access Technologies Chapter_11
Chapter 12 – Network Technologies for 5G Chapter_12
Chapter 13 – Conclusion Chapter_13
Annex-1 Future Business and Service Annex-1